Bananas Foster Aloha


This was meant to be a week of sharing recipes that are made with wine- but it was a busy week at work, and its already Friday – so in keeping with the theme (and the sign in my kitchen) I am instead sharing a recipe made with rum. (its all alcohol, right?) This is a twist on a classic bananas foster recipe that I made while I was in Kauai using some great local ingredients – macadamia nut ice cream and coconut flavored rum in place of the vanilla ice cream and dark rum traditionally used.


I did not think it was possible to improve on bananas foster, but this gives it a really special flavor and kick.

The pictures aren’t that great –  sorry but the lighting in the rental condo wasn’t the best – but this dessert tastes at least 20 times better than it looks!


6 ounces butter

1/3 cup dark brown sugar

juice of 1/2 blood orange

3 bananas

2 ounces coconut rum

macadamia nut ice cream

Melt butter over medium heat then add brown sugar and orange juice, stirring constantly. The sauce will carmelize and be the consistency of maple syrup. Slice bananas in half, then split in half lengthwise. Add to sauce and coat well. Now comes the fun part -the first time I saw this I was probably 10 or 12 and I was so impressed!  Pour the rum over the sauce and light it up — you will get a gorgeous flambé! Keep shaking the pan back and forth until the flame goes out. If you are having a dinner party (or just cooking for a special date) this is very impressive!


Serve immediately over a couple of scoops of ice cream. Enjoy!

TIP: When I am having more than one or two people and making a larger batch, I pre scoop and freeze the ice cream in individual bowls. This also helps keep the ice cream from melting too fast while you are serving everyone.