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Hi, I’m Susan – welcome to my kitchen! I am a new blogger but not new to cooking or sharing recipes! Almost 28 years ago, I won my first recipe contest – in July 1990 Better Homes and Gardens gave me the top prize in their  “Best Blueberry Desserts”  category. That was when I was a young single sky goddess, free to trot the globe on a poverty wage salary and having lots of fun. I happily passed out the magazine to passengers with my winning recipe in it! (yes, we did actually pass out free magazines back in the glory days of airline travel!)

I am a self taught home cook who learned to bake at the elbow of my grandmother…who was always willing to share the secrets and techniques she had gathered over the years. My favorite baking line comes from my grandma. When I would say one of her fresh from the oven cookies was good she would reply “well…I made it to be good!’! Thanks grandma, for instilling a love of all things homemade. Today, I am a happy wife and momliving in gorgeous northern California. I work full time for a health care non profit and spend my free time fighting for #TheResistance .  I’d love to hear from you at berriesandcocoa@gmail.com

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4 thoughts on “About Me…

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    • Hi Rebecca…Happy New Year! Wow I am blown away – how kind of you to think of me! My blog is less than three months old but I have really enjoyed being a part of the blogosphere after watching from the sidelines for many years 🙂 I will definitely answer the questions, and I know of at least one other great new blogger to nominate! Thank you – what a nice way to start out 2014! Susan


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