Happy Thanksgiving to you – and happy birthday to my awesome son Steven! Even though we live in sunny northern California, the weather does change – there is a chill in the air, sweaters are dug out and I start craving all things pumpkin! I have recently lost 30 extra pounds had been carrying around for six or seven years (my penance for giving birth to a healthy baby at age 38), so after spending the last six months working hard to eat healthy, exercise more and fit into my “pre baby/skinny jeans” I don’t want to blow it the next 30 days. So after a momentary lapse (see photo) I started looking around for a way to have my pumpkin and wear my skinny pants too. In the oven I have some amazing little pumpkin custards that are only 150 calories! If you add a dollop of whipped cream or a drizzle of caramel (or both!) you are still under 200 calories and have a an amazingly rich tasting, savory taste of fall. I will post photos and the recipe in the “recipes” section later today. Enjoy your day and enjoy every bite – its only one day in a year!


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